August 6, 2018

Holistic Health Defined

Holistic Wellness

What does that all mean?

In living a normal life you are surrounded by stressors. These stressors can include a broad range of things, the effects of which will show differently in each person. I will not make lists splitting stressor types into mental, physical, or spiritual categories. A stressor may initially effect one part of your holistic system or all parts simultaneously, regardless, all parts will be effected over time. Let’s clarify what some of these stressors may be (by no means is this an exhaustive list):

Family life
Exercise (even though it is highly beneficial it is still initially a stress on the system)
Surgical Procedures
Interpersonal Relationships
Environmental Toxins
Living Conditions
Social Standards

None of the above listed stressors will apply to you in exactly the same way as they apply to anyone else. I have come to realize that the effects of any one stressor on any individual is largely based on that individual’s prior experiences and current Holistic State.

How can we help?
We believe stress is natural and largely unavoidable.

Our focus will not be on the removal of any one or type of stressor nor will we be looking to create a life free of stress. Instead we will focus on supporting all aspects of your Holistic System. In this way we will be working to increase your personal tolerance for stress. As your stress tolerance increases you will be able to more fully experience and appreciate all aspects of yourself and of your life.


Our philosophy

Holistic Health
The ability of your Holistic System to recover from stress.

The Holistic System
The dynamic interplay between your mental, physical, and spiritual/energetic systems.

Holistic State
The current functioning of each part of your Holistic System and how it translates into the functioning of the system as a whole.

Sustainable Lifestyle
A lifestyle that supports your entire Holistic System: mental, physical, spiritual/energetic. A lifestyle that you can easily maintain and is adaptable enough to allow to you grow personally.