August 6, 2018

Lifestyle Wellness

Discovery Session

Let’s begin!

In order to see if our program is right you for we offer an initial complimentary Discovery session. This is a time for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. You will discover where you are at on your wellness journey and how we can help you move forward.

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Lifestyle Wellness Program

You can do this! What are you waiting for?

This is a 12 or 24 week intensive designed to get you moving toward a lifestyle that supports the quality of life you desire and deserve!

These weekly sessions include the three basics of wellness:

Nutrition: We will look at your nutrition intake, and give you some skills and tools to enhance the quality of the foods you are eating for maximum physical stamina, energy and immune system strength (who has the time to get sick!)

Fitness: We will also look at your exercise routine, give you an individual workout routine that you can do at home or at your office with no gym equipment; look at the routines you may already have and figure out if they are working for you.

Lifestyle Management: We will create a plan of action not only to meet your short term goals but so you can incorporate these new changes into your life for long term success!

12 week program
valued at $960
discount: $150
$810.00 To be paid in three monthly automatic payments

24 week program
valued at $1920.00
discount $350
$1570.00 to be paid in six monthly automatic payments

Also included in this program

  • 2-3 calls, texts, or emails per week for encouragement and support
  • 20% discount admission to seminars and workshops
  • Private online community for participants
  • Special access to small group personal training sessions (20% off)

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Lifestyle Coaching

Discover Your Barriers to Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness involves every area of your life; your career, your personal relationships, and your overall health. Holistic Wellness also involves all aspects of yourself; your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and abilities.

Our Lifestyle Coaching helps you discover your barriers to Holistic Wellness and find strategies to overcome those barriers using your own personal traits, abilities, and attitudes. Our overall goal is to develop a Holistic Wellness strategy that you can apply to make daily progress toward anything you would like to accomplish, to be, or to overcome, and help you find purpose in your life, no matter what stage of your development you are in.

45 min session – $60.00

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