October 6, 2018

Medical Qigong

Medical QiGong

Tune your Body, Mind and Spirit

Medical QiGong is a mind/body practice that helps to alleviate illness, pain, and stress. It offers a safe and effective way to help rid your body of many years of electromagnetic disruptions caused by:

  •  Aging;
  •  Chemical and environmental influences;
  •  Injuries;
  •  Poor diet;
  •  Sedentary lifestyle;
  •   Stress; and / or
  •   Surgery.

Sessions typically consist of the following:

  • An assessment of where bio-energetic imbalances / blockages exist in your body;
  • A table “treatment” to aid your body in returning to balance; and
  • Instruction tailored to your unique energetic and physical make-up on how to alleviate the imbalances / blockages on your own (usually via specific exercises / meditations / tones).

This is a 90 minute session

This service is not recommeded for pregnant women, children under the age of 18, or cancer patients who are not in remission. “Consumer Health Freedom Act” legislation: Medical Qigong and its practitioners are not regulated nor licensed by the state of Iowa

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Breathe Easy

Clear your Lungs

This is a 20 minute Medical Qigong session to help clear your lungs from Fumes, Smoke, and Allergies.


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