August 30, 2018



Gain Flexibility and Energy

We are also excited to have our Tai Chi instructor Merry Amann bring us QiGong classes!

QiGong comes from two Chinese words: Qi (chee) means energy and gong (gung) means a skill or a practice. QiGong therefore means a skill or practice of cultivating energy. QiGong can provide all the benefits of meditation coupled with physical exercise.

The documented history of QiGong goes back approximately 2,500 years. The type of QiGong taught in this class is called Ba Duan Jin (or Eight Pieces of Brocade) and was developed in the 12th century. It is called “Brocades” because the movements are soft, smooth, graceful and continuous like a beautiful brocade pattern.

Non-Member Rate – $15/class
Open to all levels

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