August 6, 2018

Rules and Regulations

Peterson Holistic Services Wellness Center Facility Rules

Do what makes sense

The hours of operation will be posted in the Wellness Center and are subject to change when deemed necessary.

Please follow these common rules of etiquette:

  • Please allow other members to “work in.” Do not tie up equipment with multiple sets if others wish to use the same equipment.
  • Outside trainers are not allowed.
  • Personal equipment and belongings are not allowed (i.e. gym bags, purses) on the workout floor.
  • Please return your medicine balls and jump ropes and restack your sandbags after use.
  • Wipe down all equipment after use.
  • Do not drop or throw medicine balls and sandbags
  • Please report defective equipment to staff.
  • If you are not familiar with the use of any equipment, consult a staff member prior to use for instruction.
  • Return pull up station to their starting positions.
  • Return all borrowed equipment to their designated location.
  • No emotional outburst or excessively loud grunting while working out.
  • Do not bring your own fitness equipment, e.g. weights, etc.
  • No children under the age of 18 years are allowed in the exercise areas without proper supervision.
  • Please do not interrupt when a class is in session.

Class rules are designed to ensure safety and etiquette in the studio. They are as follows:

Always follow the instructor, do not attempt your own routine. Instructors will coach you on modifications when necessary. Please ask for modifications if you are having difficulty with any movements.
Be considerate of the adjacent member’s space.
All equipment (steps, weights, bands) must be returned to the proper storage area.
Wipe down all equipment after use.
Arrive on time; if you are late, please enter quickly and quietly.

Wear proper exercise attire at all times. Management reserves the right to determine what clothing is appropriate or not appropriate and may result in the denial of access to the facility until the member complies. The dress code is as follow:

No jeans, khakis, trousers, belts, or buckles; only fitness pants, shorts, or workout skirts without hardware are permitted.
No dress shirts, ties, dress jackets, or blazers; only breathable, non-revealing fitness tops or tees are permitted.
No dress shoes, bare feet, or sandals; only rubber-soled, close-toed footwear permitted on the fitness floor.

Please bring a clean pair of workout shoes during winter and/or rainy days and change out of snow boots/shoes before entering the exercise area.

Small towels are intended for use while on the gym floor. It is recommended to take only one small towel.
Towels are not to be used to clean shoes, remove make-up, or for cleaning equipment.
Towels are not to be removed from the fitness center under any circumstances.
All dirty towels are to be placed in the dirty towel bins or appropriate receptacle.

Please use the cubbies/cabinets provided to store your personal belongings. Members must remove all personal belongings from the cubbies/cabinets when they leave the Wellness Center or the remaining items will be removed and discarded.

Consumption of food or any beverage other than water or sport drinks is prohibited throughout the center except during sponsored events.

Smoking is not allowed in the Wellness Center.

No camera-equipped devices are to be used in any area where personal privacy is generally acknowledged, including dressing rooms, restrooms, exercise areas, at any time due to the possibility of personal privacy violations. Employees should feel safe in these areas and free from concern that pictures might be taken without their consent.

Talking on cellular phones while in the fitness center is prohibited. Cellular phones may be used in conjunction with headphones to listen to personal music while on the gym floor. The Wellness Center business phone is not for personal use.

Members and their guests are encouraged to conduct themselves appropriately while in the Wellness Center and to avoid extended use of any one piece of equipment while others are waiting.

Any member or guest who intentionally damages any property of the Wellness Center will be held financially responsible for the damage.

The bylaws herein are not inclusive. Signs posted in the Wellness Center will be considered additional bylaws.

All facilities of the Wellness Center are available on a first come-first served basis. Participation in classes will be limited; advance sign up may be required.

Any member, who is loud, uses offensive language, demonstrates offensive or violent behavior, uses profanity, is bothersome to other members/employees, behaves otherwise in an unbecoming manner, or who is cited for an infraction of the Wellness Center bylaws may be suspended or terminated from the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center retains the right to terminate a member if they are deemed to be harmful to other members or employees. Once membership is terminated, individuals may not rejoin the facility.